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Education Discounts:

Though our base price is $169 for a single DVD or online subscription,  for schools we have the following discounted prices now during the economic downturn:

Single User* DVD             $100
Lab Pack (5 seat* license) $300
Seats 6 and above            $ 30 per seat.
User passwords for students to work on their own computers: $10 each with a minimum purchase of 10 seats. 

[* Note that a seat license and user mean almost the same thing.  However, if a classroom has 20 computers, a 20 seat license will allow for multiple classes to use the same computers. ]

So, by way of examples:
1 user $100
2 users $200
3-5 users (lab pack) $300
6 seat license $330
10 seat license $450 ($300 for the first 5 plus $30 each for 5 more)
20 seat license $750
and so on.

School and/or district site licenses are negotiable.  Please contact contact us at [email protected].

For multiple seat licenses we generally provide a single DVD to be loaded on the computers to be used.

We also suggest you consider providing students with passwords that they can use on non-school computers such as their own laptops or home computers.

I hope this gives you some or all of the information you need.  If you have further questions, or want more information please contact us at [email protected].

Robert (Andy) Anderson
510-540-8136 (Oakland, CA, in the USA's Pacific Time Zone)
[email protected]