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Donna Stoering

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Update: Read Donna's new article (Oct 18th 2011) "The Power of Music" on Body Checklist!

Donna Stoering
"Change Your Music, Change Your Life"

is a new book by Listen for Life founder Donna Stoering,
due to be published soon

Listen for Life is currently taking advance orders
for copies of the book.

If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected],
and we will keep you informed as to when the book will be published!

The book will be coming out as a paperback at $14.95 and in hardbound at $24.95,

...but if you email us at [email protected],
you can pre-order online and get it for $12 or $20 when it is released!!!

Please also take a look at our Travels with Music Interactive DVD-ROM,
and visit the Travels with Music Store to buy a copy!

If you wish to purchase Travels with Music for your own personal in-home use at $99
(a $169 value), we will throw in a copy of the paperback version of the book
when it comes out.
( Both items will be mailed at the same time.)

What kind of music do YOU like to listen to?

Add your comments at the Listen for Life Blog at!!!

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