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UN International Peace Day - Sat Sept. 21st, 2013

is just  days from now!

Four years ago, the UN asked Listen for Life to create special music events around the globe, uniting all of the cultures in each community to celebrate International Peace Day every September 21st.

So far, LFL performers and volunteers have launched UN 
International Peace Day concerts in Bosnia, Croatia, UK, Kenya, and the USA (California).

This year, we want to invite ALL musicians and music listeners, in all countries and cultures, to participate in launching LFL UN Peace Day 2013 concerts and broadcasts in your own communities!

Not a performer? Not a problem! You can still contribute in 100 other ways to make these events happen and use cross-cultural music as a catalyst to unite all people in your community on September 21 and beyond.

To help, please contact us NOW at [email protected]!

Below is a highlight video clip of one of our 2012 Peace Day concerts which was streamed live worldwide. The URL to share for this video is

The Listen for Life YouTube channel contains several videos
from the September 27th concert in Hollywood, including:

See LFL Peace Day events in:
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Listen for Life organized three major concerts in the Los Angeles area in honor of
UN International Peace Day 2012, featuring:

World-renowned master-musicians
and their cultures: 
-these folks are each major stars in their genre of music!

Van-Anh Vanessa Vo (dan Bau, dan Tranh, Trung) [Vietnam]
Ashwin Batish (sitar), Keshav Batish (tabla), and Meena Batish (classical Indian vocal styles) [India]
Winnie Wong (guzheng) [China]
Naser Musa (oud) [Palestine]
Rumen Sali Shopov (tambura) [Bulgaria]
Diana Rowan (harp) [Celtic/Eastern Europe]
Ricardo Garcia (voice) [Latino]
Donna Stoering (piano) [Western Classical]
Jehnean Washington (voice, flute) [Native American]
Jamie Papish (percussion)

Debut of the new Listen for Life All-Star Blues/Rock Band
Musicians who played in one or more of the three concerts included:

Andy Andrus
(guitar) Band Founder [Billy Preston, John Lee Hooker, Greg Douglass]
Bobby Kimball (vocals) [original singer of Toto, solo artist]
Teddy Andreadis (keys,harmonica) [Guns N' Roses, Alice Cooper, Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Carole King, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley]
Butch Taylor
(keys) [Dave Matthews Band]
Ant Glynne (guitar) [Asia, Albert Collins,Taj Mahal] 
Joe Manno (drums) [the band Norway]
Johnny Griparic (bass) [Slash's Snakepit, Carole King]
Sam Aliano
(drums) [Lukas Rossi, Gongzilla]

Also appearing at one or more of the three concerts:
Boxing Gandhis
Geoffrey Maingart (multi-genre violinist)
Ukulele Ray (ukulele) and his band

Friday Sept 21 2012, 5:30pm - 10pm
World Cup Soccer Center
27301 La Paz Rd
Mission Viejo, CA 92692 [ map ]

Thursday Sept 27 2012, 7pm - 10pm
Ford Amphitheatre
2580 Cahuenga Blvd. East
Hollywood, CA 90068 [ map ]

Saturday Sept 29 2012, 7pm - 10pm
Ramona Bowl Amphitheater
27400 Ramona Bowl Road
Hemet, CA 92544
 [ map ]

The Listen for Life YouTube channel contains several videos
from the September 27th concert in Hollywood, including:

- Jongo - Donna Stoering (piano)

- Let the Good Times Roll - Listen for Life AllStar Blues/Rock Band

- Gnossienne #3 - Vân-ánh Vanessa Võ (đàn Bầu) and Diana Rowan (harp)

- The Trail of Tears Song - Jehnean Washington

- Rayat Al Sumud - Naser Musa (oud) and Jamie Papish (doumbek)

- Lathedi Di Chadar - Meena Batish (voice), Ashwin Batish (sitar) and Keshav Batish - (percussion)

Parts of the Listen for Life Peace Day MusicFest in Mission Viejo, CA, on September 21 were streamed LIVE as part of PeaceDay Live!

Peace Day LIVE Banner

Last year, Listen for Life presented

 A FREE multicultural music celebration
UN International Peace Day 2011

 for the City of Oakland, California

Wednesday September 21st 2011 from 5pm - 7pm

at the bandstand/stage of Preservation Park
 Martin Luther King Jr Way & 13th St, Oakland [map]
  (7 mins walk from 12th St - Oakland City Center BART Station)

FREE Admission!

[Click poster, or HERE, for full-size version]

Performances featured these internationally renowned groups, each playing for 30mins:

A printable copy of the Program is available for download HERE.

Photos from the Concert (click thumbnails for larger versions):

[ Watch 30sec introductory Peace Day video.]

THANKS to the Listen for Life volunteers who are working to initiate Peace Day events in their own communities! We have heard from teams in Hawaii, California, New York and UK  - what about in YOUR location? It's still not too late if you ACT NOW and plan something SIMPLE, beautiful, and musical in which all can participate! We are here to be catalysts, offering inspiration, experience, and support so just let us know what you need!

What is Peace Day, and why is Listen for Life involved?


Listen for Life was honored when UN-related organizations in Geneva invited us to organize music-based events around the globe to raise awareness of the UN Millennium Development Goals, as well as celebrate UN International Day of Peace ("Peace Day"). In the process of organizing and producing our initial events in 2010, we learned, first of all, that the word "Peace" means very different things to different people! There is no one definition for the term that all cultures, societies or even individuals would agree with, and no one way to determine who "lives in peace" or who doesn't have that opportunity, because the experience goes far deeper than absence of violence or conflict or peace of mind. But we also learned that regardless of the meaning or definition, music of all cultures and genres can most definitely open the hearts of all and provide an increased opportunity to experience peace!


The UN General Assembly approved the idea of having a worldwide Peace Day on September 21st of each year, back in 1982. Here is a brief history of the idea, the resolution and its goals. Peace Day events, large and small, are now held in over 125 countries around the world, and they are all organized by ordinary citizens and volunteer groups. Events are created not only to provide central gathering points where all demographics can come together for a shared experience on that day, but also as a year-round focal point and project that will regularly bring together individuals, groups, organizations and demographics within a community, for the planning process itself and the growing sense of unity that this engenders. 

For this important community-building process, the shared emotional language of music seems an ideal tool throughout the year, as well as being a natural focus of any Peace Day events being planned for this coming September 21 in your own neighborhood.
There are many types of activities that can bring people together on Peace Day – sporting/athletic contests, live theatre, speeches, street fairs, nondenominational church services, multicultural food events, poetry contests, and so on. If you or your neighborhood choose one of those activities, that’s all great. But if you choose to do something around the universal language of music, then that’s where we can help you. We can bring your event under our Listen for Life banner and promote it through our very popular website, and we can help you with any advice or organizing support you need. 

For complete, detailed, step-by-step instructions and a template/guideline for planning and creating Peace Day events through music, click here


Overview of Listen for Life’s accomplishments for
UN Peace Day 2010:

[please see the Event Listing for Peace Day 2010 in Oakland, California.]

During September 2010, Listen for Life musicians performed Peace Day-related events in the UK, Bosnia, Croatia, and USA!

In addition, for several months leading up to Peace Day the Oakland, California volunteer team of Listen for Life worked hard to plan that city’s first major celebration of Peace Day, using music to unify its citizens and put the city on the map for positive reasons that day!

Peace Day 2010 for Oakland CA was deemed a major success for Listen for Life (and for raising awareness of peace through music!) by all in attendance:

•    We ended up featuring a total of 120 internationally renowned musicians from 72 different cultures (all based in the Bay Area), sharing their gifts for free in seven (donated) venues across the city, from 12 noon till 10pm.
•    The Mayor of Oakland issued a formal proclamation for the city to honor Peace Day each year, involving as many residents and demographics as possible (PDF version of the proclamation).
•    The Oakland A’s baseball team dedicated their night game on that date to Peace Day and Listen for Life, and one of our younger Listen for Life musicians, opera prodigy Ricky Garcia (from Latin America) sang the Star Spangled Banner at the start of the game in the Oakland Coliseum. (Here is Ricky's YouTube audition video with his awesome rendition of the song).
•    Our music events in each venue combined musicians and music genres across all continents and styles, and the musicians who participated are still sending us notes asking if they can do this again. They treasured the chance to make new friendships amongst other musicians, find new audiences/fans, and create new performing groups that combine some of the individual acts we introduced to each other.

The Challenge:
Someone once said “if anything is worth doing, it will encounter the most obstacles”. In starting any new festival or event for a city, the hardest part (but sometimes the most fun!) is in spreading the word, door to door, neighbor to neighbor, including all residents, businesses, school students, and demographics. We worked at it very hard, but we would have liked to have had even larger turn-outs at each venue than we did!